Chloë Sevigny stars in new Jimmy Choo Ad Campaign for Spring Summer 2016

Actress Chloë Sevigny is known for her sense of style, so it’s no surprise that Jimmy Choo chose this lovely actress to star in its new ad campaign. The video above is very cool and the campaign features many classy photos of Chloë showing off the shoes:


7 Tips to Help with Small Business Payroll Problems

female worker typing at keyboard fingers

Overpayments to employees and contractors cost companies millions of dollars each year, not to mention the problems that poor payroll management can cause with the IRS!

In order to keep your company’s payroll in check you need to get a handle on what is happening first. Our list of handy tips will help you do just that – let’s dive straight in:

1) Hand it over to the professionals

I know what you are thinking, “What kind of tip is that?” Well, in short, it’s the kind that could save you a whole lot of drama further down the line. Unless you have previous experience in accounting you are running the risk of falling foul of some of the details associated with payroll management.

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Microsoft releases Windows 10

After the Windows 8 debacle, Microsoft needed to clean up Windows. If you watch the video above outlining the history of Windows, you’ll recall (or learn) that this is familiar territory for Microsoft. After each successful version like XP or Windows 7, Microsoft has had a knack for coming out with garbage like Vista or Windows 8.

Fortunately they usually end of cleaning up their mess, which seems to be the case again based on the initial reviews of Windows 10. Based on our own limited experience today, if you’re currently stuck with Windows 8 you should definitely upgrade as soon as possible, particularly since it’s free!

Natalie Portman as a runaway bride for Dior

Here’s another amazing ad from Dior featuring the beautiful Natalie Portman. This is an example of how much mileage a brand can get when they have the right celebrity endorsement. With Portman Dior has hit a home run given her timeless beauty which matches the brand perfectly. Then you also have the acting skills so Dior can be even more creative with their content marketing.

So here we have a video with Portman playing a runaway bride, giving an air of adventure and mystery to the brand as she sheds her spectacular Dior wedding dress and escapes to Paris. Visually it’s stunning, and Dior uses the ad to appeal to strong, independent women. It’s a winner!

Cigars and Commerce with Cuba


President Obama surprised just about everyone yesterday with the announcement that the United States would be normalizing relations with Cuba. The embargo will remain in place as that can only change through an act of Congress, but the President acknowledged what everyone knows – after 50 years the embargo has to go.

Despite cries from some on the right and some politicians who are beholden to the older Cuban-American community, most support changing our policy towards Cuba. If we can work and trade with Vietnam and China, we certainly can bring our relationship with Cuba into the 21st century.

Naturally, many in the business community are very excited by the possibility of doing business there, and lovers of Cuban cigars are looking forward to smoking them legally here in the United States.