More Fortune 500 CEOs prefer Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump

Fortune 500 CEOs prefer Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by 58% to 42% as explained in this video. This shouldn’t be a surprise as Trump has sounded like an economic buffoon with statements about tariffs and negotiating down the national debt.


7 Tips to Help with Small Business Payroll Problems

female worker typing at keyboard fingers

Overpayments to employees and contractors cost companies millions of dollars each year, not to mention the problems that poor payroll management can cause with the IRS!

In order to keep your company’s payroll in check you need to get a handle on what is happening first. Our list of handy tips will help you do just that – let’s dive straight in:

1) Hand it over to the professionals

I know what you are thinking, “What kind of tip is that?” Well, in short, it’s the kind that could save you a whole lot of drama further down the line. Unless you have previous experience in accounting you are running the risk of falling foul of some of the details associated with payroll management.

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Strange incentives for buying sports franchises

Does a billionaire like Steve Ballmer really need tax incentives in connection with his ridiculous $2 billion purchase of the Los Angeles Clippers?

This video and article from CNBC explains how it works.


Battle goes on regarding Detroit Institute of the Arts

Detroit Institute of the Arts

How much is the Detroit Institute of the Arts worth? That’s one of the battles brewing in the Detroit bankruptcy litigation as a creditor tries to challenge the grand bargain reached that will wipe out $7 billion in debt for the city.

The key question is whether the grand bargain — $815 million pledged by foundations, state government and the DIA to bolster city pensions and shield the art from sale by transferring ownership of the museum to an independent nonprofit — represents a reasonable proxy for the value of the collection in the overall context of the city’s plan.

The other side is claiming the art can be worth up to $8 billion if sold off. The drama here is pretty interesting and the case could have interesting implications for the rights of creditors in bankruptcy.


Sales continue to drop at McDonald’s

McDonald's Big Mac

Are tastes finally changing? Are people starting to realize that too much fast food isn’t good for you?

The executives at McDonald’s will have to grapple with that question as sales continue to falter. There was a problem in Asia that made things even worse, but in the US same store sales fell 2.8%. The trend is against McDonald’s and the stock is rightfully taking a hit.

Younger people seem to prefer chains like Chipotle that clearly offer better food. Meanwhile people are paying more attention to the quality of food they eat. That may not be as true for less affluent customers, but the middle class is certainly paying more attention.

How will McDonald’s respond? Some blame the bloated menu and the slow service. I have to admit that I prefer the days when a warmed-over burger was served immediately over a freshly made burger that takes way to long and doesn’t taste much better.

Will they try to offer more healthy alternatives? That hasn’t worked in the past, but perhaps fresh wheat bread buns might be a nice option for some customers over the lame buns they serve now.

We’ll see what happens, but I wouldn’t want to be in this stock at the moment.


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