Social Media Inundation – helpful for online businesses?

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We covered a post back in February on how SEO services can contribute towards the growth of online business. Social media is an important aspect of any search engine optimization strategy, and with all the recent changes going on in the functioning of search engine algorithms, presence on social media is more important than ever.

Social media may look like a mere term from far away, but it can make a huge impact. There are more people present on social media at any particular hour than the number of those watching television commercials, TV shows and other forms of advertisements combined. A 2012 social media marketing industry report revealed that 60 percent of a company’s marketing department is spending all working hours to increase social media presence.

The use of social media has also increased by a whopping 230% since 2007, powered by smartphone applications that allow people to use the platforms from anywhere and at any time.

Here are top 3 reasons why online businesses will live and die by their presence on social media modern age:

1. Consumers use it for research

Consumers, shoppers or anyone looking to buy products and services from an online company will turn towards social media for research. They’ll look over at the platforms where the company is present, check the comments of existing customers to see what they have to say about the products, check out videos and tutorials, and most importantly, see if there are any offers and discounts on what they’re looking for.

A survey conducted by Lies Damned Lies Statistics revealed U.S retailers considered social media as important as online shopping itself. Consumers are greatly influenced by social media, and a single positive or negative comment coming from Facebook or a Tweet can greatly influence their spending decision.

2. It builds reputation

Online businesses can use social media to build their reputation. New customers are likely to be influenced by a business that have a decent amount of following on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites compared to a business that doesn’t even have an account present.

Through presence and engagement, social media can be used to build reputation. It’s also possible that competitors may try to defame the reputation by paying someone to leave anonymous comments, but that’s also manageable through online management services like the ones listed in this LinkedIn overview.

3. Direct relation with customers

Social media allows internet based businesses to build direct relationships with new and existing customers. No longer is a customer required to pay for expensive phone calls on a landline number or wait for weeks to get a reply from a customer service representative, while companies no longer have to ask customers to wait in line or give a specific date on when their queries will be answered.

Social media has brought both customers and businesses together. Customers now get almost instant replies to their queries left on social media, and businesses are able to engage directly and build relationships. It’s also cost effective, as online companies don’t have to pay for market research to gather customer data and interest; they’re now directly able to communicate with customers and answer their questions, ask their likes and dislikes and consider their suggestions.

Any online business should consider social media it’s not next to impossible to achieve long-term business success without being present socially.


Why Protecting Your Online Reputation is Important

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The Internet has changed the way that we communicate with each other and how we perceive each other as well. To some people, the Internet exists as its own world that does not affect the events that take place in the outside world. But the information on the Internet can have a significant effect on your personal reputation and how you are treated by strangers, as well as the people you have known for years. It is extremely important to protect your online reputation and ensure that what is being said about you is true.

Internet Information Doesn’t Fade

Prior to the Internet, people who made mistakes would pay for those mistakes and then wait for those mistakes to be forgotten. But on the Internet, information stays indexed forever and can be found by anyone willing to do an Internet search. If someone tells a lie on the Internet about you now, then that lie will be around 10 years from now unless you take action to get rid of that lie.

Anonymous Sources

When someone spreads a rumor outside of the Internet, it can often be easier to attach their name to the rumor by tracing it back to its source. The Internet allows people to post information and remain completely anonymous. Complete websites can be created to spread lies about you, and the person could remain anonymous. Experts like Reputation CEO Michael Fertik can help to find those anonymous sources and put an end to the rumors.

Why Should You Care?

Lies created and spread to ruin your personal reputation can cause problems in your personal life as well as your professional life. If someone in your family sees a lie about you on the Internet, it can be difficult to dispel that rumor. When employers go through a background check on an employment candidate, they will do a general Internet search to see what kinds of information is attached to your name. The lies they find can seem like truth to them because they were found on the Internet.

The Internet is cataloging the activities of mankind each and every day. The problem is that the Internet does not have a way of telling what is the truth and what is a lie. In order to protect yourself from people who try to spread lies and false rumors about you, it is important to hire an Internet reputation specialist and put the lies and rumors to rest.


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