How to Raise Your Profile as a Freelance Worker

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Being a freelance worker is tough. You will be responsible for generating your own work, and you will rarely have a guaranteed salary. Here are some effective ways of raising your profile as a freelancer.

Get on Social Media

Social media mastery will help a huge amount when it comes to raising your profile. The best social media platform for you to promote yourself on will depend on the type of work you do. Different platforms will be better suited to different kinds of content. In some cases, you can share your work directly through social media, but in most cases, you will use the platforms to promote yourself instead.

It is always worth creating a profile on LinkedIn, a service which is often touted as ‘Facebook for business’ and is designed to help freelancers and entrepreneurs find work. Those who are looking for particular services can search through the LinkedIn database to find people with the relevant skills. If you manage to make a name for yourself, you might even have people looking for you by name.

Sort Out Your Website

Social media is a great platform for promoting yourself, and for making it easy to interact with individual customers. However, while social media can be effective, it is best used as an adjunct to a fully-featured website. A website of your own offers you much more freedom than a social media page. With a website, you are free to customize the appearance and the underlying code to your liking.

Your website doesn’t have to be complex or overloaded with features. As long as your website contains all the information that a potential client could want and gives them an indication of why they should approach you, it can help to increase your revenues. Take a look at the website for Chris Pivik for an example of what your website could look like.

Seek Client Testimonials

It’s important for any freelancer to be able to sell themselves and their work. However, no matter how persuasive your sales technique, it won’t have the same impact as the testimony of previous clients. You should establish a procedure for requesting feedback from your clients once your business with them has concluded.

Adding client testimonials to your website, especially when you can pair these quotes with images of the works themselves, will be an effective way of passively increasing interest. It is also worth maintaining a list of clients and past clients who are happy to be contacted to provide a reference to prospective new clients.

Keep a Portfolio and Resume Ready to Go

You never know when you’re going to meet someone who can make use of your services. It pays – quite literally – to have a portfolio and resume ready to go at a moment’s notice. Make sure that your portfolio contains a wide variety of work that showcases the full range of your talent.

In order to make it as a freelance worker, you need to take every opportunity that comes your way to promote yourself and raise your profile. The more people who are aware of you and your work, the easier it will be for you to generate new business.


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