Christina Romer leaves the Obama administration

Vice President Joe Biden and Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers Christina Romer unveil the Council of Economic Advisers latest quarterly report on the economic impact of the Recovery Act in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building adjacent to the White House in Washington on July 14, 2010.  UPI/Roger L. Wollenberg Photo via Newscom

Christina Romer is leaving the Obama administration.

Romer, who chairs the Council of Economic Advisers, announced Thursday night that she is returning to her previous job as economics professor at the University of California at Berkeley.

Her resignation follows that of budget director Peter Orszag.

In a statement, Romer called the her White House service the “honor of a lifetime.”

It will be interesting to see whether we’ll see any policy changes. Romer is an expert in the Great Depression and was instrumental in the stimulus package. In many ways she has served her purpose, and now the administration can shift to sustained growth as opposed to the crisis management of the past 18 months.


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