Mac vs PC ad with Gisele Bündchen

Here’s an awesome ad from Apple’s old campaign comparing the Mac to the lame PCs of the era. This version with Gisele Bündchen really drove the point home that Macs were better in so many ways.

The question now is whether Microsoft can finally fight back. It will be releasing the new operating system along with new office software. Will it be a huge step forward as some are saying, or will it suck like Vista with Microsoft blowing the execution? In reaction to the new Surface tablet, Steve Wosniak made the stunning statement that it was as if Steve Jobs had been reincarnated at Microsoft.

We’ll see this fall . . . .


Kathy Ireland talks business

Kathy Ireland still looks great, but more importantly she’s become an incredible businesswoman. Here’s she’s interviewed on Morning Joe and she discusses her success. She focuses on learning from failure and the importance of persistence in business. She’s another example of supermodel moguls who have figured out how to leverage their celebrity into business careers.

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